Masada is a place. It is a place where you can discover people, get involved, find experiences and carry out projects.

MASADA: the story

Forget about the small fortress near Jerusalem built by the priest Jonathan and the fully furbished one built on top by the kings where treasures were deposited and where they could protect themselves from possible wars or revolts.
Forget about Herod too, who occupied the fortress and enriched it with fortified towers to escape from Cleopatra. the hired assassins , the leader Eleazar and the resistance to the colonising Roman army.
“There is no confirmed evidence for any of these stories nor is there any truth”. Here is what Leonardo told us when he came to visit us the other day accompanied by Mr. Amedeo, the previous owner of the printing office  where Masada  is now located.
Focus on the people and the opportunities of the place and keep these words in mind, he concluded looking at us one by one, just where the gate should have been: “Don’t make promises and don’t do things if you cannot be passionate”.
What did he mean? we asked each other and then we went back to work, some to sand doors and furniture, others to remove the old gray carpet, lay the tiles, whiten the walls, and who prepared a sentence to be written on the wall..
Today there is a gate, the floors, the bathrooms, the stage, the counter, the gym and all that is required to turn an empty space into a meeting place, so perhaps we are near to understanding what that sentence meant or at least we have an idea of the direction to take,
The only way to feel free is to do authentically, what you are passionate about;  all the rest are false desires and cannot help you on your journey. In this way, you will be bold in your search and you  will get ahead in spite of everything.
And if all that is true, then let us say that Masada is a free space; it’s a place of expression where we go for human interaction, for creating sinergie and for self-expression.
It’s a fortress and a safe harbor,a construction site and a factory, a house and a living room.
Masada is a place. It is a place where you can discover people, get involved, find experiences and carry out projects.
Don’t you think with all this activity, little by little, you are not going to improve yourself and your life?

Season 2017-18

We started three years ago, as a challenge and for fun. From an abandoned typography we have made a place to meet people, to learn new things and to take part in a challenge.
We have had the support and help of many people and together we have become a meeting place and, together today we are the Masada.
Three years ago we started from scratch, we didn’t have a lot but we had a great desire to go for it, even if we did not know what we wanted to be. We started to understand it, slowly, with the first workshops, the first live and the first electronic daytime events. But the year passed too quickly and we still needed more pieces of the puzzle so that we could figure out who we were.
Last year we dedicated ourselves to our growth and to know better who we were; basically, we worked hard in creating our own identity.
We did it by telling our story and the history of our name; creating a graphic that made us recognizable and also told about the place where we are guests and what we like aesthetically; documenting every concert, every reading, every show, every workshop.
In the meantime, we have become many, increasing continually, each with their own projects and ideas,  passion and the desire to achieve something. And so we got an idea for this third year: we will focus ourselves upon the ephemeral and all of the things living, (said that way it seems madness! And even if it were, what would be wrong with that?
This summer we found by chance a book, on a table, in the living room. And it could be chance or fate  but it seemed to us that there was written within about what to focus on, how to move forward.
“Melancholy physics” is the story of a man suffering from chronic empathy, that is, one who puts himself in the shoes and mind of any living being. 
And gradually over the years, he learns more about human behaviour and discovers that the true essence is in the ephemeral, in the changeable, in the perishable, uninterruptedly perishable. Imagine if there was nothing more eternal, no religion, no state, no gold bars … we would be obliged to live the present, every moment.
We would become dynamic, our identity would consist of nothing more than being living creatures amongst other living creatures. To be ephemeral and to appreciate others because they are ephemeral. We could have a good time… in fact this is really what we intend to do, focusing on each of you, on anyone who is attached to this place and believes in cooperation, sharing and curiosity about other people.

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